My Message

Corinne McLeod, LMSW

  I have a master’s degree in  Social work, and a degree in an Occupational Therapy. As a licensed social worker I have special training in working with clients of all ages, cultures, and diagnosis. I have primarily been working in the field of Mental Health as well as mental illness. I am certified in EMDR Therapy.  

Research shows that having unhealthy relationships with family, friends and significant others, as well as a dislike for who you are, causes  both emotional and physical stress. However, when you have healthy relationships you will experience an overall feeling of happiness, and begin to like who you are becoming.

 Over the years I have truly enjoyed assisting families with reunification, couples who chose to work on their marriage instead of divorce  Watching the successes of my clients is extremely  rewarding for me as I watch them  overcome their personal obstacles and improve their  life. 

To help my clients get the most out of therapy I use many mindfulness theories. These therapies give the client  an opportunity to focus on the here and now. It soon becomes evident to them they can not change the  past, it  is  not possible. It is then they realize they have the complete power to change their present life, where they can feel  healthy and happy. 

I believe my success comes from  empowering my clients to believe in themselves.  When you believe in yourself, you soon see that you  are able to make the changes you have desired to make for a very long time.  As you set your goals for your life, you realize you are  in control to make the goals a reality. 

Your inner light will begin shinning, allowing you to once again see the present and look forward to the future. You will once again feel  excited to  take in the full experience of life and all the individual miracles you had missed.  

It is an honor when I am a part of watching my clients evolve to a place  they feel happy, comfortable, and peaceful.   

If you also want to feel the feelings of peace and happiness, I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Thank you all for your trust in me.

Corinne McLeod, LMSW